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Friarielli Peppers these
are never spicy

We don't have several recipes for these peppers: because in our kitchen and in many restaurant kitchens there's one favorite way to prepare these: with a bit oil on high heat in a pan: sear them, stems and all: then sprinkle with a great flaky salt, then eat. You can serve them with a soft cheese at the side for presentations sake, but we just go with the peppers!

Marcus at Eats for One has a recipe including for friarielli and padron peppers:

What we do with each of these kinds of peppers: Cook over high heat in a bit of oil in a sturdy frying pan on a stove or on a campfire until charred on at least two sides. Then sprinkle with a great salt and eat. We use the stems to hold them. It's that simple!

What we've seen restaurants do to these peppers. See above. then you can serve with a fancy cheese such as burrata or other favorite cheese. Edward of Incanto said they are to be consummed with a 'crisp white'. Wine, of course! We've also seen them roasted inside a wood burning pizza oven, served on top of a pizza...

These peppers store well in the fridge in a paper or plastic bag. For at least a week.




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