Mariquita Farm

Harvest Schedule

We have a 36 week season, delivering shares from March through Thanksgiving. We schedule our planting so that crops are harvested during the seasons they grow and taste best. Planting dates are based on our experience, as well as weather and soil conditions. We hope mother nature cooperates; she usually indulges us, but from time to time we suffer delays or even may lose a crop. Therefore, please note that this is a planned schedule, but it is not guaranteed.

The following items are grown throughout the season, and we expect to deliver them each month:

cooking greens*
fresh herbs
green onions
* Each week, one of the following types of cooking greens is available: spinach, chard, kale, arugula, mustard greens, collards, bok choi, rapini(broccoli rabe), mizuna, hon sai tai, tat soi, orach(an early form of spinach), garden cress, turnip greens

The remainder of our crops are grown at peak times during the season:

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
apples           x x x
artichokes x x       x    
basil     x x x x x x
beets x x         x x
bell peppers (colored)         x x x x
cabbages         x x x x
cucumbers     x x x x x x
eggplants         x x x  
fava beans x x            
fennel x x            
leeks   x x         x
potatoes     x x x x x x
pumpkins & winter squash           x x x
summer squash     x x x x    
strawberries x x x x x x    
tomatoes (many varieties)       x x x x x
turnips           x x x
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

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