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Tomato Identification Page || San Marzano Tomato Sauce Photo Essay

ripe green cherokee tomatoes

Ripe green cherokee tomatoes m

tomato recipes

cherokee purple tomato

Cherokee Purple tomato: that grew into a funny shape m

tomato recipes

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Tatsoi! Recipes here.


tomatillo 'weed' growing among the rosemary plants.

Tomatillo Photo Essay!

Tomatillo Recipes

click to enlarge Andy holding a sushi-fresh Scarlet Turnip in our field in Hollister.
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Gold Turnips. Photo Essay on turnip soup.

More turnip recipes

Milk Thistle


Andys Turkey Andy's Turkey that lays eggs in the field wherever she likes m
click to enlarge Graydon with red turnips.
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Yellow Turnips.

turnip recipes

tomato photo tomato ID photo for 2007: left to right:
Cherokee Purple, German Striped, Green Zebra, Tangerine, San Marzano (a sauce type) m
click to enlarge 3 Heirloom Tomatoes: top = Brandywine, bottom left = German Stripe, b.right = Cherokee Purple. med
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Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. YUM.

Tomato Recipes

click to enlarge 'regular' Tomatillos Verde (the larger ones) and the smaller Tomatillos de Milpa: the small purple wild tomatillos that grow on our ranch. m
click to enlarge Wild Tomatillo Plant: the plant that gives the small purple wild tomatillos.
click to enlarge Tomatillos. In Mexico they are called tomates. (Red tomatoes are called jitomates.) tomatillo recipes
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'White Doll' Turnips


Turnip Recipes

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These are Sungold Cherry Tomatoes. They are supposed to be orange.
Cherry Tomato Recipes

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This is a Sungold Cherry Tomato branchlet next to a wild species Cherry Tomato variety called Red Currant. m


This is Don Israel working in the tomato patch in late May, 2003. m
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left: Early Girl Tomato

right: San Marzano Tomato

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This is a 15# flat of our Early Girl Tomatoes.
Tomato Sauce Photo Essay #1
Tomato Sauce Photo Essay #2

beefsteak tomatoes

Beefsteak Tomatoes m

Tomato Sauce Recipes || Tomato Recipes

brandywine Brandywine Tomato m
broiled tomatoes for breakfast Broiled Early Girl Tomatoes for breakfast! recipe = cut in half, drizzle with a bit of oil, S & P, then broil until just nicely browned. m
cherry tomatoes Sungold Cherry Tomato Plants: all tied up! m
processing tomatoes in Hollister Processing tomatoes in Hollister. Andy took this photo as will all our photos, but it's not of our farm! m
Jose with his wild turkey friend. m
Lemon Thyme
click to enlarge English Thyme, this is the most common 'thyme', you could call it the 'default thyme.'
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