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Donkey Ears out of Summer Squash. This is Manny showing how it's done. Click here for all 4 photos in the photo essay on how to make this Michoacan treat


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This is summer squash on the grill, it's very good grilled, try it!


Sugar Pie Pumpkins

Pumpkin Recipes

med view

Mixed Summer Squash med


sunchokes grwoing photo essay

Sunchoke Saute Preparation photo essay

Sunchoke recipes

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This is German holding a bunch of Smallage, also known as Soup Celery, or Amsterdam Cutting Celery.

Soup Celery Recipes

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This is a baby plant of soup celery, also known as Amsterdam Cutting Celery. It is an herb, and can be used in many of the places celery is used and or where Italian parsley is used.

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These are San Marzano Tomatoes for making sauce.

San Marzano Tomato Sauce Photo Essay

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Scallions, also called green onions

scallion recipes

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Serrano Chiles

spicy Chile Recipes

These are sorrel leaves.

Sorrel Recipes

click to enlarge These are Seascape Strawberries, it's sweet but doesn't ship well so you won't find them in stores but only at farmers markets and in CSA baskets.
bunched spinach

Bunched Spinach m

spinach recipes

Fresh Shallots. a spring treat! use anywhere you'd use shallots, or green garlic, or young leeks....

shallot recipes

click to enlarge Spaghetti Squash grown at High Ground Organics. Click here for recipes.
baby spinach image
Young Spinach
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These are Cousa Summer Squash. Cousa means squash in Arabic.

Click here for Summer Squash Recipes.

click to enlarge This is loose spinach growing at High Ground Organics.
spinach recipes

Strawberries These are several varieties, including some wild strawberries Andy found in Big Sur.

click to enlarge A Sunflower growing at High Ground Organics.
Cucuzzi Summer Squash
click to enlarge A bunch of Sunflowers growing at High Ground Organics.

Farming the Sun at Mariquita Farm!

IES: the company that did a great job on this 'farm' med

Spigarello: a cooking green, a variety of Cavolo Brocolo, somewhere between a broccoli and a rapini/raab kind of green
seed saving Seed saving in the house m
Spinach Popeye in Salinas. m
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Sorrel in our field, next to the forest
Sorrel Recipes

little lamb
sheep gallery


Young Summer Squash Blossoms, also called 'Fiorelli'.

Summer Squash Recipes


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