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Roasted Sweet Peppers Photo Essay

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roasted peppers


Roasted Sweet Peppers! Read on:

sweet peppers washing



Washing the peppers



Washed peppers ready to grill

the grill is ready


The grill is ready


Alternate method for inside a kitchen when a grill isn't availble:
peppers ready to broil in oven



peppers on grill




peppers on grill

peppers half grilled


half grilled, turning with tongs





Andy roasting peppers over the outside flame.



sweating the peppers


Sweating the peppers (no plastic or paper!) any bowl or pot with a lid that mostly or kind of fits works.

julia's method for roasting peppers


Julia's method for roasting peppers when an open flame and or grill isn't available.


ready for the jars


peppers after 'sweating' them, then removed skins, now they're ready for the jars


in jars




roasted peppers in freezer Voila, work is done.