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Photo Essay of 3 Color Beets Prep for salads

recipe below


3 colors of beets: from left to right: gold, red, white.

Andy and I tried each one after cooking: they all taste lots like BEETS. The gold was a little lighter, the white a little earthier, the red a little sweeter...

Raw beets ready for the pressure cooker or other regular pot for boiling or steaming

I cut the tops and tails off, but I don't peel them.


I also cut the white one in half because in my bunch it was nearly twice the size and I wanted them to finish cooking at the same rate.

Boil til cooked through. I used my pressure cooker and it took about 6 minutes at the first ring, then I opened with the cold water release method. You can also just boil or steam them til they are done through.



The pressure cooker!


right after they were removed from the hot pot: the skins come off very easily.
chopped and ready to go. This is your palette: you can dress this plate as is with a salad dressing/vinaigrette, the sprinkle with parsley. You can mix into another salad, but the red beets might leak red throughout.
I used a few of the chopped beets on an openfaced sandwich for lunch: thin Euro-grain bread from Trader joes, greek strained yogurt, wild smoked salmon, and the cooked beets with chopped onion. A bit of chopped parsley and a better photo would have helped this much.


Grate scrubbed beets or cut into julienne; toss with chopped green onions and a vinaigrette you make or from a bottle in your fridge. Add toasted nuts and/or a sharp cheese (blue, Parmesan, feta). Serve alone or with lettuce.


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