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pimiento de padron peppers pimiento de padron peppers m

pumpkins with Red

Pumpkins in red pick up with Red the dog guarding the whole thing. m

pumpkin recipes

pumpkin bottom

Bottom of a Pumpkin m

pumpkin recipes

red friarelli photo Red Friarelli Peppers, sweet red pepper.
Satan's Kiss or "Cherry Bomb" Peppers
Boulette's Paprika Peppers from Hungary
red spicy padron peppers Red, spicy padron peppers. When you leave them on the plant to ripen into red peppers, they get REALLY spicy! great for chile flakes. m
Cayenne Pepper
washing sweet peppers for roasting

washing sweet peppers for roasting

Sweet Pepper Roasting Photo Essay

sweet peppers roasted Sweet Peppers
Sweet Mixed Peppers
Friarelli Pepper. Thin-skinned specialty Italian frying pepper. Like a padrone, but no spice.
click to enlarge "Cheese" Pimento Peppers: A sweet pimento pepper.
Purple Bell Peppers, sweet!
White Bell Peppers, also sweet!
new potatoes New, fresh-dug German Butterball potatoes. m
potatoes in the dirt Digging for potatoes m
purple potatoes, freshly dug. m
Whole potato plant, ready to dig. m
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related to dandelion greens

Pimiento de Padron Peppers: the classic Spanish tapa pepper. The smaller, 'duller' ones are often preferred for the tapas bars. The larger ones get quite picante and shiny.
godzilla french fingerling potato photo "Godzilla Fingerling" Potatoes
Graydon in his 'potato class.'
click to enlarge Hungarian Wax Peppers. When picked on the immature side, they aren't very spicy. Left to ripen on the plant, and they get something of a kick, maybe not quite a jalapeņo's spiciness.

Mature Spicy Hungarian Wax Peppers

spicy chile recipes || m

click to enlarge Cubanelle Peppers.
click to enlarge This is the blossom of a cover crop pea. m
click to enlarge

A potato blossom in June. m

click here for a purple potato blossom photo m

Italian Parsley. We don't grow curly parsley because we find Italian to be more flavorful for cooking. m
persimmons 2 kinds 2 kinds of persimmons: far left = fuyu or 'apple' persimmons; 2 in the middle are unripe hachiya; 3 on the right are ripe hachiya
persimmon pulp Hachiya persimmon pulp ready for a cookie or quick bread recipe
Poblano Chiles, these are medium spicy and great for stuffing.
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parsnip recipes

click to enlarge These are Pimento Peppers. They are sweet peppers.
This is the flower of a Purple Potato
click to enlarge These are Gold Bell Peppers.
Jaune Gros de Paris Pumpkin: great cooking pumpkin! m
click to enlarge These are Baby Bear Pumpkins. They are good for eating and carving.
Mariquita farm girl Lena with a larger specimen of a Baby Bear Pumpkin.
click to enlarge These are Red Potatoes.
click to enlarge These are German Butterball Potatoes.
Blossom Bluff Elephant Heart Plums
click to enlarge

This is a Parsley Root (Hamburg Parsley) (top) and a Parsnip(bottom).


click to enlarge Steve of High Ground harvesting all Purple Potatoes.
This is Purple Opal Basil. It can and should be used where the more familiar green basil is used.

Boulette's Paprika Peppers from Hungary Spicy! c
French Butter Pears from Live Earth Farm c

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