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spring onions Spring Onions m
white pearl onions White Pearl Onions m
onion seedlings Onion Seedlings m
click to enlarge This is Orach, Atriplex hortensis, also called mountain spinach. It is a primitive spinach that has been eaten for centuries.
click to enlarge More orach in the field. m
click to enlarge Orach in our field in Hollister.
orach seed orach seed m

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Greek Oregano

oregano recipes.

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This is Opal Basil. It's fragrant; similar to Genovese basil. You can use it in salad or tomatoes sauce or other places you would use standard/classic basil.

Basil recipes


walla Walla Walla Onions med
click to enlarge Purplette Cocktail Onions

This is Lena holding a plate of onion jam.

The recipe is here.

click to enlarge Bianco di Maggio Onions
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Cipollini Borettana

These are Italian Roasting Onions.

click to enlarge These are Stockton Red Spring Onions held by Steve at High Ground, he grew them! These are a fresh onion and should be cared for and used like a green onion.
A Photo of Momina cooking onions for dal. She is Julia's friend from Pakistan, and was visiting California during the summer of 1989 med
click to enlarge Purplette cocktail onions being grilled up by Joseph Manzare of Globe at our Memorial Day Farm Dinner in the Field.

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