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Large Leeks!

Leeks recipes

red romaine lettuce baby head Young Red Romaine Lettuces m
Purple Cauliflower eyes, Leek Scape nose, and Fava mouth.
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Lourdes holding large leeks with "Don Alfonso" our new baby ram.


Linden Rd. Solar Essay

click to enlarge Baby Leeks

Red Oak Leaf Lettuce, medium heads, on the smallish side.


Salad Dressing Recipes

Red Romaine Lettuce, medium heads, on the small side.

Salad Dressing Recipes

baby romaine lettuce image Baby Romaine Lettuce

Salad Dressing Recipes
This is lacinato broccoli, or spouting lacinato kale, which makes a little broccoli head. Stems, leaves, and all are yummy.
click to enlarge This is Lourdes holding the lucky carrot. She found an old 1868 quarter stuck to the carrot when harvesting in the winter of 2002.
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A closer view of the quarter.

Andy's article about Lourdes finding this quarter.

click to enlarge Lemon Cucumbers. They are called 'lemon' cucumbers because of their shape and color. They taste like a 'regular' cucumber, and can be used in nearly all the same ways.
beans made with leeks and fennel "Refried" beans made with leeks and fennel: I sauteed 2 large leeks (one can use baby leeks or onions or anything you have), 1 large fennel head until they were soft and barely browning, then added cooked beans (I'd made them in a crockpot the day before, one could use whole canned beans). These beans are over half vegetables. a great way to insert vegetables into your meal if you're a bean taco kind of person. m
leek photo
Leeks m

Leek Recipes

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Leeks The tote is an example of the type of reusable totes we use for harvest. We're able to reuse these totes over and over again. leek recipes.

click to enlarge These are Lamb's Quarters. They are also called Quelites de Ceniza or Fat-Hen. Use like you would spinach. lambs quarters recipes.
Maria and staff at Loaves and Fishes in Watsonville

lamb's quarters Spread.


click to enlarge This is Lemon Basil growing in our small hoophouse. The remay on top of the metal hoops is reusable fabric that lets light and water in but keep bugs like dibrotica beetles out.
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This is Tango and Lolla Rosa Lettuce in the field.

Linda rendering lard m
Pork fat starting to be rendered m


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