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jack be little pumpkins Jack Be Little Pumpkins: these are in fact a winter squash, and an excellent one-serving eating squash! Cook one up and see for yourself. m

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This is Rebeca holding a tote of red and green jalapeños. The red jalapeños are a a little hot and also sweet.

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click to enlarge These are red jalapeños. This photo was taken on Wed. 11.13.02
A ‘jiao zi party' at our house with Yi Ling the organic nursery farmer, and her friend, a Professor of botany from Shanghai. This photo shows many hands making the dumplings.
Here's a photo of Julia making the famous Chinese dumplings called Jiao Zi in 1987 in Beijing. Click here for the recipe.
click to enlarge This is José España with a wild turkey he caught in the field.
johnny's seeds catalog

Johnny's Seeds Catalog m

statue from Jose's farm

This statue was found by Jose's father at their cacao ranch in Oaxaca.

more photos from their ranch

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