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click to enlarge These are some of the eggplants we are growing. The fatter bright purple one and the stripped ones are the eggplants the guys refer to as "huevos de chivo" or goat balls. || Eggplant Recipes
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This is Escarole.

Escarole Recipes

Escarole Sausage Soup.

Recipe is on this page.

This is Epazote. It's growing in our onion field.

Epazote Recipes

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Chinese Eggplant in the field

Eggplant Recipes

These are Rosa Bianca Eggplant. The are a little smaller than purple globe eggplant, and can be used in the same recipes. Some poeple buy them at farmers market to make a 'floral' arrangement with them because they are so striking. || Eggplant Recipes

These are elderberries growing on the edge of our field as a wind break. When they are in season we also bring them to the farmers market. elderberry recipes

click to enlarge These are small eggplants held by Don Rogelio. The yellow one is over ripe, yellow, and bitter, but it does make an attractive photo.

Eggplant Recipes

click to enlarge Here is a Rosa Bianca Eggplant still on the vine, ready for harvest.

Eggplant Recipes

Eggplant Flower m




click to enlarge These are our Easter eggs we made with 'natural' dyes: red cabbage, blueberries, grape juice, onion skins, tumeric, green spinach(this one didn't work!)

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