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Dill Flowers. dill recipes
click to enlarge These are Dandelion Greens. Dandelion recipes
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These are Delicata Winter Squash. winter squash recipes.

dandelion family

Dandelion Family: from left to right: Puntarelle Galatina, Lamb's Tongue Dandelion, and Frastigliata m
Dandelion recipes

puntarelle slicer a puntarelle (dandelion stem) slicer from Italy m
dandelion frastigliata Dandelion Frastigliata m
This is Broccoli Di Cicco. We cut it young and it's eaten with leaves and stems, they are tender and nutritious. broccoli di cicco recipes

These are Dandelion greens. They are cousins to the weeds we all find in our yards.
Dandelion recipes


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Lena's rendition of Sweet Pea the Donkey bucking with joy.

Primavera, also known as Prima Donkey

Photos of Prima's baby Sweet Pea

Photos of Mule Days in Bishop, CA

Primavera with Andy, not sure about Clara the Cat.
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The hamlet of Hollister is swelling into the hills. Click on image to see the larger one.

"D" is for development.

Young Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Recipes

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This is Dill growing in our field.

Dill recipes

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Fall colors California style. I heard on the radio that California farmers used more agricultural chemicals in 2006 than they ever have before. I thought that some people might be surprised to learn that not all of the biocides are used to kill pests. In this photo you can see how one salad mix farm, Pride Of San Juan, is spraying acres of salad greens with herbicide to kill them before they produce more vegetative matter that will have to be digested by the soil. A typical organic farmer welcomes organic matter into the soil and shuns the introduction of more herbicides into the environment, but Pride is proud to not be organic and their growing practices reflect their values. Pride Of San Juan’s salad greens can be purchased from Natural Selection, the company that made the front pages with their spinach products this summer.

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