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3 colors of beets

julia's photo essay on an easy preparation of these beets

beet recipes


2 kinds of basil: Greek on the left and Genovese on the right
basil recipes
click to enlarge Borage Leaves: a cooking green. Many restaurants are using these for ravioli filling and other cooking greens uses.
borage greens recipes
click to enlarge White Beet: just like a red or gold or chioggia beet, but no bleeding like in a red beet!

Beet Recipes

Genovese Basil: the classic basil.

Basil Recipes

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Broccoli di Cicco: This is a cutting broccoli, a true broccoli, an old fashioned variety, sometimes called 'sprouting Roman broccoli' || broccoli di cicco recipes

click to enlarge This is Brocolo Cavolo, a very tender kale-like green grown from seed that Victoria from A-16 in SF brought back for us.
cooking greens recipes
click to enlarge Broccli Romanesco: it's got little conical florets. It's an heirloom vegetable, and all three examples in this photo are romanescos.
romanesco recipes || cauliflower recipes
Basil, several varieties
basil recipes
This is young Genovese Basil, it's just getting it's true leaves.

basil recipes
click to enlarge These are Colored Bell Peppers.
sweet pepper recipes
roasted sweet peppers photo essay
These are Danish Carrot Beets, they are a classic red beet, and are called "carrot" beets because of their shape.
beet recipes
click to enlarge A young Broccoli di Cicco bush showing large terminal bud
Broccoli di Cicco
After the first harvest the lateral shoots begin to branch out.
broccoli plant
Broccoli recipes.
click to enlarge These are Gold Beets.
click to enlarge These are also Gold Beets.
buffalo nose

Buffalo Nose m

In the middle is Broccoli Raab. It's also called rapini, or just raab. See below for more information about it. It's the yellow/green spiky-leaf one. The blue green leaf is Broccoli di Cicco. The raab differs from broccoli di cicco in name, texture, color, and flavor being a good deal sharper in flavor from the mustard oil. Raab tastes like a turnip green because it is a turnip. For raab recipes click here.

click to enlarge This is broccoli raab but you can also call it rapini, or just raab. It's official name is Brassica rapa (ruvo group) cultivar spring raab. Rapini Recipes
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This is Bok Choy grown at High Ground Organics.

Bok Choy Recipes

click to enlarge This is young Genovese Basil in May in our remay mini hoop house in Hollister. The remay helps protect the young plants from insects, sunburn, and dust. But light and water can get through. Click here for basil recipes.
bay leaf wreath Bay Leaf Wreath made with California bay leaves m

This is Napolitano Basil.

basil recipes.

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A page for making Baked Alaska from "My Learn to Cookbook"

med photo of blue

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