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Arugula growing in our field.

arugula recipes
Several varieties of Artichokes
Globe (common in supermarkets), Purple Sicilian, Wild, Cardoon (a cousin of the artichoke.)
artichoke recipes.
A Purple Sicilian Artichoke growing in Watsonville, CA on Mariquita Farm.
artichoke recipes.
Agretti: a Roman/Umbrian spring green that is salty in taste. looks like a chive but it's not an allium at all. m
agretti recipes
Armenian Cucumber

cucumber recipes
click to enlarge Anaheim Peppers, medium to low spicy/picante.
chile recipes
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These are Anaheim Chiles. They are mildy spicy. Good for stuffing, roasting, raw or roasted in salsas.

chile recipes

ArroyoSecoWindBreak Arroyo Seco Wind Break m
This is Arugula, also called Rocket.
arugula recipes.
click to enlarge These are a number of small purple artichokes lined up with an egg to provide a sense of scale.
click to enlarge The outer toughest bracts have been removed from the above purple artichokes exposing the bright yellow of the tender heart.
click to enlarge The buds of the above purple artichokes have been sliced along the tender line to prepare them for cooking.
click to enlarge No fuzz in these incredibly fresh baby artichokes. Listen to the squeak when you twist an artichoke.
jonagold apples

jonagold apples

apple recipes

Bacon Avocados from Marsalisi Farm in Corralitos, CA
avocado recipes
click to enlarge Andy with a bundle of sticks, also called fascists.
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Over the years I've noticed that artichokes harbor ladybugs. My plan is to eventurally have strips of artichokes planted trhoughout the farm. Right now I hvae a planting on each side of the field as a permanent ladybug hotel and seasonal cash crop. - Andy Griffin

This is a Globe Artichoke growing in our field.



Andy Griffin at age 4: practicing to be a biker! med



Andy playing dulcimer for our friend Aretha at her quinceñera.

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