East Bay/Peninsula
Ladybug Drop Off Deliveries

Friday, September 25th, 2020

Fall is almost here and we’re seeing more red these days — beautiful ripe red tomatoes, onions and now, red Jalapeños! Can you say ‘Sriracha’!? We also have some comforting herbal teas, fragrant herbs to flavor your food, and Quince from Fruitilicious Farm for baking and preserving — all available by pre-order for pick up next FRIDAY, September 25th at our pick up sites in the East Bay and on the Peninsula. Place your order below and you’ll receive an email confirmation of your order right away. And then, on the morning of your delivery, we’ll send you directions to the pick up site, pick up site protocol, and the pick up window of time to get your veggies. And a hint: for items that sell out quickly, we recommend that you check back to this Shop page often because if harvest looks like it will yield more than we expect, we’ll add to the stock available for order. Please submit your order early as we will close the form when we need to harvest and pack.

* Alameda — On Pacific Avenue, between Minturn and Union Streets
* Berkeley — On Ninth Street, between Virginia and Cedar
* West Menlo Park — near Alameda de las Pulgas & Camino a Los Cerros
* Palo Alto — on Ross Road, near Oregon Expressway
* Mountain View — near Central Expressway and Rengstorff Avenue

The option to select your preferred pick up site will be listed when you check out.

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Mariquita Farm is full of colorful roses. Drying rose petals has become a fun pastime allowing us to take in the true beauty of each rose. Most of our packets focus on mixed colors with the deeper reds being predominant. Rose petal confetti is used in many ways from weddings to baths, sachets to teas, rosewater to baking, and in candle making and other crafts. 12 g package $8 each


Mariquita Farm “Culinary Herb Collection” includes Oregano (15 g bag), Sweet Marjoram (10 g bag) and Thyme (8 g bag) — perfect for seasoning your tomato sauces! The herbal oils in our herbs are preserved longer by not crushing the herbs prior to package. Crushing or bruising the herbs releases the flavor and aroma in the plant oil and should be done right before use. $15 for Package of Three.


Red, ripe dry-farmed Early Girls, excellently balanced for delicious sauce or canning use, as well as eating fresh in salsas or salads.

Heirloom Tomatoes

A beautiful mix of heirloom tomatoes, which may include varieties such as Pink Brandy Wine, Marvel Stripe and Tangerine. Whole, mixed single layer flats only.


Mariquita Farm Herbal Infusion Gift Collection includes our favorites: Lemon Verbena (1 oz bag), Sweet Melissa also known as Lemon Balm (1 oz bag) and Apple Mint (2 oz bag) — each bag comes with 6 tea infusion bags. The herbal oils in our herbs are preserved longer by not crushing the herbs prior to packaging. Let our dried herbal infusions provide you with a full flavor of fall! $22 for package of three.


Enjoy a variety of local, organically grown produce! The contents of this CSA box are hand-selected by our farmers to ensure the freshest items make it to you each week.


Quince is an ancient fruit originating in the Caucasus and northern Persia, and related to apples and pears. It is high in vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as pectin, making it a great fruit for jams, marmalades, tarts and pies. Though it can be eaten raw, it is usually preferred cooked, either roasted in the oven or diced and cooked down with water or apple juice until becomes a puree or compote. $14 per five pound bag.


These are jalapeños harvested after they’ve turned red and spicy! Great to add some sweet heat to salsa or stir fries. Or, make sriracha! $20 per five pound bag.


Cured red onions of mixed sizes, medium to large — a kitchen staple, and the start of soups, stews and so many other dishes. Field cured, sweet, crisp and delicious with a thin skin that makes them easy to work with, keep in a cool spot on your counter and they’ll keep for weeks. But you’ll use them up before you know it — fresh in salads, salsas or sliced thin for sandwiches, pickle them for tacos and hamburgers or, sauté them slowly to caramelized perfection. Onions are nutrient-dense — high in vitamin C, B and potassium, and low in calories, and oh yes, delicious!


These are an heirloom roma-type tomato, great for canning and preserving as sauce!

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