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Mystery Page 9-29-04 Two Small Farms CSA

See the photos below to identify your mystery item,
then click on the recipe link for recipes for that item.

Mystery items? This allows the farmers to use crops that have different harvest schedules, crops that didn't yield what was expected, etc. This page was last updated on Wednesday 9/29/04, if there are other possible mystery items added I'll try to get them up on this page. -julia


eggplant recipes

quickest eggplant: grill it! Yum.

Armenian Cucumber AND Watermelon Radish

cuke recipes

quickest cukes: eat like any cucumber, but with the skin too. sliced thin with oil, vinegar and salt.


These radishes are spicier when grown in the summer, they can be eaten raw or cooked like a turnip.

Radish Recipes

Yellow Turnips

The greens are good to eat!

Turnip Recipes


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