Mariquita Farm

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Photo Essay of a meal made with Hiroko and Koichi, visitor journalists from Japan.

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Breakfast made by Koichi at Mariquita Farm Sept. 2004

On the plate is an omelette made with Sonoma eggs, dry-farmed tomato sauce, cipolline onions stewed in a bit of broth, steamed carrots, Star Route salad mix with diced peppers on top.

click to enlarge Koichi taking a photo of the tomatoes cut in half and ready for roasting before making the sauce with them.
click to enlarge Hiroko happily stirring the tomato sauce.
click to enlarge "Instant Japanese Pickle": thinly slice turnips (we used a mandolin); lightly salt and toss;
click to enlarge Then press salted turnips down with a bowl; rinse, and eat.
click to enlarge Hiroko finishing the turnip pressing
click to enlarge Salted turnip pickle decorating fresh salad greens
click to enlarge Koichi pondering the great Mariquita Farm Vegetable meal. He and Hiroko liked my simple butternut squash soup I made from some squash I had in the freezer....
click to enlarge Dinner as served.


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