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Pickled Carrots, the Short Version with Recipe

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pickled carrots kit: with jalapenos and oregano

Pickled Carrots
From Julia. The amounts and types of aromatics can be played with: you can skip the garlic, use bay leaves or not, add fresh sprigs of thyme, oregano, marjoram, savory, or dried of any of these.

5# carrots
handful of jalapeño peppers (Optional: a sliver of a jalapeño will spice up your carrots a bit)
1-2 garlic bulbs
4 cups water
4 cups white distilled vinegar
4 tablespoons kosher or pickling salt (not iodized!)
3 Tablespoons sugar
bay leaves
Black peppercorns
sprigs of fresh oregano, thyme, or marjoram,
coriander berries dried (or fresh if you have them! cilantro gone to seed in your garden? Then you have fresh coriander berries)

Prepare the brine: boil together the water, vinegar, salt and sugar

Prepare the vegetables: peel the carrots and cut into sticks: I like thin sticks, but you can do thin or thicker sticks, or even halves of carrots. Slightly crush and peel the garlic cloves. Slice the jalapeños lengthwise so they can slip in with the carrot sticks.

Prepare the jars: I use classic ball pint jars. Start with very clean jars (from the dishwasher hot cycle or cleaned by hand then dipped into a hot water bath). To each jar add a garlic clove, a bay leaf, 4-8 peppercorns, 4-8 coriander seeds, and a sprig of oregano. Add the carrots and jalapeño sliver if using. Cover with the boiling brine. Cover with a clean lid, and refrigerate. IF you want to 'can' them to be shelf stable for months, make sure to sterilize everything including the lids (new lids if you're canning), then do a hot water bath for 10 minutes. voila! no fridge needed.




Carrot Pickles Kit: Carrots, Jalapeños, Bay Leaves, and Oregano. This is the short version... Long Version with more photos here.


Jar of Carrot Pickles from Mariquita Farm

When and where to eat pickled carrots?

1) appetizers... On a cheese plate at a party
2) tucked into a sandwich
3) chopped up in tuna salad or egg salad or pasta salad or quinoa salad
4) served in a bloody Mary
5) as a gift with these suggestions included