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Photo Essay of Martin's Cardoon Potato Gratin recipe below

Cut Cardoon, Martin prepared about 8 of these, and didn't string them due to the way he cut them after blanching. This is a "Rustic" gratin!

He cut the potatos into batons instead of thin slices, he said the texture is nicer for this dish.
Mixing the raw potato batons with the blanched then cut up cardoon
Then mixed right in the pan with 1/2 pound of grated parmesan cheese. Then pour in 1 pint half and half or whipping cream.

Then bake about 45 minutes at about 425 degrees. YUM.



More Cardoon Recipes

Martin’s cardoon potato gratin:

My friend Martin made this, it was delicious! Of course, anything with 1/2 & 1/2 and cheese could be delicious...

8-10 stalks Cardoon
2-3 medium potatoes
8 oz grated parmesan cheese
1 pint half and half or cream
S & P to taste

Blanch the cardoon stalks in water that has a splash of vinegar or lemon juice until medium tender. You can peel them if you like. We don't. Cut the cardoon stalks in 1/4 inch crescents, across the grain, like you would celery. Peel the potatoes. Cut the potatoes into batons, about like a french fry. Toss the cut, blanched cardoon stalks with the potatoes directly in a gratin dish. Reserve a handful of the cheese for the top and toss the rest of the cheese with the cardoon/potato mixture. Add the pint of half and half (or cream if using.) Season with salt and pepper.
Bake in a 425 oven 40 minutes or so: until golden brown and the potatoes are all the way through.

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