Mariquita Farm

Photo Essay Golden Beet Quinoa Salad

Golden Beets , the tops are still quite fresh so I'm using them in this salad. I've chopped the long stems already in this photo.


Started peeling the beets...


using my mandolin to grate the beets. You could also dice them, use a cheese grater...  
just a nice photo. and shows the mandolin work...  


beet greens cooked down with garlic. quinoa already cooked and cooled. Ready to compose salad!




I mixed in the quinoa and grated/shredded beets into the warm cooked greens. Then I added grated parmesan cheese (I use my food proccesor to grind the cheese.

HERE is where you can get creative. I would have liked scallions/green onions to add. I didn't have any. Olive oil and vinegar (or lemon juice) would have been nice. Spices!? Add them! Herbs: ditto. You can make this your own.
Ready to Eat!  

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