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Links to Andy's articles:

Calling Artie Bucco: Several of Andy's personalities ponder rapini.

Balancing Accounts: Lourdes finds an 1868 quarter in the field and Andy ponders the wealth of the fields.

Dreaming of Miami: Andy encounters a restaurant in the Andes and a great bowl of goat soup with spicy aji.

Discrete Pig Service: Wild boar, farming and javelins.

Radish Tales: Hers and His: Andy and Julia ponder Watermelon Radishes

None Dare Call it Cantaloupe: A smattering of cantaloupe history with some consipiracy theory thrown in.

Channeling Jeremiah: Andy tries to make dinner a la Jeremiah and Joyce Goldstein for his children who believe all produce is for adults only.

A Ladybug Letter: Andy discovers millions of ladybugs at Soberanes Canyon in Big Sur. link to gallery

Good Vibrations: Pollinating tomatoes and dildos....

September 12th, 2001: Andy's poignant piece written about 9/11

A Day in the Life: A field of beets, narcotraficantes, and a bicycle.

Changungas Never Tasted So Good: Don Gerardo returns from Michoacan with stories from back home.

Little Italy and the Oranges of Francis Ford Coppola: Oranges as a theme in the Godfather movies.

Pythagoreans Beware Fava beans, history, and math.

Somewhere Near Salinas: The Beatles, red carrots, India, and Salinas

Tiny Takes it All: Chef Armando "Tiny" Maes of Rose Pistola in San Francisco visits Andy in the field and buys the weeds.

A Todo Madre: A story about many of the colorful people Andy's worked with on farms for the past 20 years.

Tojo Smiles in Hell

Whatcha Got Cookin?: A great story that includes wild mushrooms in butter, Hank Williams, and Zen buddists.

In Vino Veritas: Andy's Steinbeck article: Do you think Steinbeck is a saint? Here's another view.

San Ysidro Saturday Night



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