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How to Grill Radicchio Photo Essay

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Grilling Radicchio

When I see a head of chioggia radicchio, I think the same thing that I think when I see ribs: fire and smoke. That will transform your radicchio into something totally different and delicious. It's also quick and a great building block for countless uses, though delicious all on its own. Here's the basic technique.
-- Chef Jonathan Miller



Radicchio (any number of heads)
olive oil

First cut


Cut the radicchio in half through the stem.

Radicchio half


Be careful to cut the stem perfectly in half. You need it to keep the leaves together while you grill.

Quartering radicchio


Now cut the halves one more time, also perfectly through the stem so there is stem on each quarter. Sometimes the stem is large, sometimes small, sometimes a little curvy. Be sure to follow it no matter what it looks like.

Applying olive oil


Should have 4 quarters and they should stay together when you pick them up. Put them currved side down on a sheet pan. Drizzle the leaves with olive oil mkaing sure you get some oil in between some of the leaves.

Salting the radicchio.


Then sprinkle the cut sides with salt.Allow to sit at room temperature while you prepare the grill.

On the grill.


Heat the grill really hot, and make sure the grates are pretty clean. Put the radicchio quarters, cut side down, on the hottest parts of the grill and cover. Cook for a couple of minutes, making sure they don't actually catch fire.

Turned on the grill.

When the first side is slightly charred and the leaves have begun to open up, flip the quarter onto the other cut side and grill for slightly less time than the first cut side. The leaves will begin to open up, a few might fall off, and the grilled sides should be slightly charred, not completely blackened.

Grilled radicchio resting.


Pull the radicchio off the grill and put back on the sheet pan to rest.

Radicchio ready.

At this point they can be served warm with a knife and fork, or just sit around waiting for their next use at room temperature. They are delicious and should have a nice smoky aroma and still have a nice bite and chew to them. They will also be nice and juicy.