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Tomato Abundance
Mariquita Farm

We had too many tomatoes! So I went to Palo Alto to our friend's house from 10am to 12 noon on Saturday, Oct. 11th with tomatoes and mini pumpkins. See list to order from below right.

Pre orders only,
$25 minimum, this isn't a farmers market... thank you. I'll send you a confirmation with the exact address after you make your order, it may take me a day or two to send the confirmation. -julia


San Marzano tomatoes

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the FAQ I put in the newsletter, much of it is the same as the faq to the right:

Another tomato abundance day in Palo Alto. Why Palo Alto? We have many members there, and we're hoping that any San Jose/Campbell/Saratoga/San Francisco/Burlingame etc. folks are willing to go there to Palo Alto on Saturday morning, Oct. 11th if they want canning tomatoes/ tomato abundance  Details:

: Saturday, Oct. 11th 10am -12 noon

: Palo Alto at one of our pick up sites, address given when order is made

: Julia at Mariquita Farm, and maybe the now famous Shelley!

**All Deliveries are Rain or Shine.

What, Who, Where, Why, When is all below, plus a FAQ section:

What: Emergency Tomato Day. No prepayment, no credit cards. You give me your cell phone number as collateral that you'll show up, I give you mine so you can find me/contact me that night. We don't abuse each others cell numbers. List of what we're selling is to the right. -------->

How: Email me with your order by Thursday 10/9 at 9am or before. AND we sometimes sell out before then: so email as soon as you know you want an order.

I will confirm via email, and show up on Saturday with your order.

Who: anyone! (not just current csa members.)

Why: we have too many tomatoes. plain and simple!

Where: at a Palo Alto home, we'll send the address after you make the order.


How do I make an order? Email us. I'll confirm via email. mariquitamystery at gmail dot com It sometimes takes me a few days to get to the confirmations, if you've NOT heard from me by the Wednesday of the week of delivery, please contact me again, my spam filter or some other strange internet thing might have happened to your email.

How do I pay? by cash at pick up. no credit cards or checks please. thank you.

Do you bring extra? Can I just show up without making an order? nope: I don't bring extra, just pre ordered stuff. there are farmers markets all over the place for anyone who wants to show up and shop!

updated 10/7/08

Tomatoes and Pumpkins:

San Marzanos 20# for $28. these are similar to 'roma' tomatoes, just a different, larger, pastier, variety. loved by chefs! no smaller increments please. thank you. tomato sauce photo essay

Heirloom Tomatoes 10 pounds for $20. we choose varieties. no smaller increments please. thank you.

Early Girl Tomatoes 20 pounds for $28 no smaller increments please. thank you.

Jack Be Little Pumpkins: 10 pieces for $8 or if you want fewer: I'll likely bring some just to sell. maybe!

**Minimum order is $25;

email me for an order. Minimum order is $25.

our email address for these orders is:

mariquitamystery at gmail dot com

How: only by email orders ahead of time, this isn't a farmers market. please email your orders in BEFORE Thursday, Oct. 9th at 9am: email to this address please:   (also email any questions to this address.) the tomatoes will be paid for in cash at the time of pick up, no advance payment necessary.

Why? Mariquita Farm is swill swimming in gorgeous tomatoes, and our last 'tomato emergency' was a success, so we're continuing to attempt to get great tomatoes to all of you who love to cook.

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