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Dear Julia and Andy!
I love my Mystery Box! (and my Padron peppers, too) It's absolutely amazing - fragrantly fresh - green - and alive. OMG - it's wonderful!
thank you! -anonymous

tonight: I grilled tomatoes & yellow and red bell peppers & Padron peppers! and, tossed carrots & garlic with shredded kale and vinegar. Everything tastes s-o-o-o good! - Cynthia

I ate the nettles all by myself over 2 days! Sauted in garlic and olive oil. Half was tossed with pasta. The other half was mixed with greek yogurt for a Turkish meze. Yum! -Bridgette

Mariquita Farm
Mystery Thursdays

Thursday, September 19th, 2019
near Fort Mason
4:30 to 7:00 PM

PDF of newsletter for this week's mystery box


** all Thursday deliveries are from 4:30-7pm
unless otherwise noted
; Rain or Shine

**please return strawberry, tomato, etc.boxes if possible: reduce, reuse, recycle! thank you

page with past mystery lists

Frequently Asked Questions for Mystery Nights


Note: I'm now using Google Forms to make orders. The Link for each mystery night will come in the reminder emails. Please make your orders from there. Thank you!

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Dry Farm Early Girl Tomatoes


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Mystery Box

An example of a fall/winter Mystery Box
Photo by Doranne Hardt

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